Introduction to the Story of Dharam:


Yesterday I had written my first Blog which was about Dharam and his introduction. Well  sitting and thinking about what to write when this Idea struck my mind. So I started writing about it. When I finished I thought that why don’t I use this story to give a meaningful message. So I thought to write it in parts.

I will give you all a hint of what I will be writing in this story. Well I will write the parts of this story with meaning i.e in each part there will be a good message [As our character Dharam will go through his story].

But, I won’t assure you guys that I will write it everyday , but I will try my best in each of the episodes(or parts) whatever you all like to say  🙂

I will guarantee you all that every part will be worth your time. Hope you all will love it.

Friends Your Thoughts are all welcomed in the comments section  🙂



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