Story of Dharam [Part 1] :

Once upon a time there war a boy named Dharam. He was a shy kid in ashram and didn’t talked much with anybody. He liked to live alone (no actually he loved it).

 In ashram he was a brilliant kid and all the teachers loved him.The life at ashram was not that tough as it seemed as our boy Dharam had a friend who was older than him and was just like his big brother he only talked to his brother about everything he felt.

As Dharam was growing older he was becoming more shy.His master (master Ram) had noticed it.So one fine master Ram called Dharam in the garden and started asking him different kind of questions like:

  • What is your goal in life?
  •  Where was he gonna go after ashram?

Our boy Dharam had no clue what his master had just asked him.In hesitation he told his master that he wanted to be a leader of a clan.After his answer had just finished his master had started to laugh. Dharam felt very bad but soon after master had stopped laughing he patted on Dharam’s  back and told him that he should only think what is possible and should not think the impossible. He was correct as at that time the clans were lead by the  leaders family only ; Years after years the same family had ruled the clan and the kingdom.comfort

But that day our boy Dharam just had put one foot out of his comfort zone and had started to think about his life more seriously But Dharam was a person who would never leave anything that was worth the try. And so he had made his first decision in life that “He will be  a Leader ” not only for himself but for all the people around him who wanted to be more happy in there life and wanted there kingdom to be more happy and peaceful.

So here started the story of a boy who would one day become an inspiration for everyone……[To be continued].

 So from today’s story we learn that  ‘We Should never Give up something which is worth giving a shot ‘.

-Kay 🙂


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